Layla in Alaska

Layla in Alaska

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Smart phones are making us antisocial. [x]

what I see when I look at these photos is the development of public “personal space” tech, and I see it as a great thing. living close to other people can be difficult, and one of the ways that people cope with that is by describing personal spaces, imaginary bubbles of privacy, working the same way a cubical does, but mobile. The newspapers helped people describe and inhabit their own private headspace, even on a crowded platform; the smartphones do the same things, but they do it even better, and also make private headspace shareable with others, actually increasing the net amount of socialization going on without disturbing the user’s need for their bubble

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New Comic!

Once I had a foster cat come to me and her name was Elaine. Who the heck names a cat Elaine? Her name was clearly Parsnip. 
Your kitchen is full of great cat names. Other good examples include:


hahaha …. I may actually do this next time since our cat, who we’ve had for almost ten years, is still named “the cat” (TC for short).

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The Khufu ship

The ship was found in a sealed pit in the Gaza Pyramid complex at the foot of the Great Pyramid in 1954. Having been buried alongside the pyramid in 2500 BC, this makes the boat 4500 years old!  It measures 43.6 m (143 ft) long and 5.9 m (19.5 ft) wide. To top it all off, it’s so well preserved that it would still be seaworthy even now. A fun fact, while the boat is wooden, the ends of the boat still show designs from when boats were made out of reeds as the ends were bent in to make them stable. The design of this boat has incorporated this archaic style, as the Egyptians loved harking back to their own past.

These pictures were taken by me on my trip to Egypt in 2010.

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